Christmas in June/July?

90152996_ListentoyourHeart_2_FOILWe’ve heard of the holiday Christmas in July, but June? Here we are, enjoying the hot summer, blissfully unaware that today marks exactly six months until Christmas! Getting into the Christmas spirit we look forward to spending time with family around a warm fireplace, wearing tacky sweaters on cold snowy nights, Christmas lights twinkling on houses, decorating the tree and of course presents.

When you hear presents do you look forward to it with excitement and anticipation or catch yourself worrying about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Shopping for the holidays can cause consumers a considerable amount of stress, however retailers know it’s the best time of the year for their business.

According to, the Christmas season amounts to nearly 20 percent of the year’s sales in the United States. That’s more sales than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day combined. Don’t worry, retailers and consumers who prepare in advance can, yes even in June, outsmart the last minute Christmas shopping woes. So what’s on trend for kids this year?

90152508_VaderRusticWood copyRecently Disney Consumer Products released their new and exclusive holiday gift list including kids gifts, fashion accessories and merchandise. The list wasn’t particularly shocking considering Frozen, Inside Out, Marvel and Star Wars products dominated two-thirds of the list. In fact, with all the new Disney property movies released in 2015, we’d expect nothing less. Luckily for retailers, here at Open Road Brands we have licenses with all the Disney properties on their Christmas list.

Thinking about Christmas six months in advance may sound absurd, but for retailers it’s the perfect time to stock up on top selling licensed wall art from Open Road Brands. We partner with numerous licensors and are sure to have or can customize our quality wall art designs to specifically meet your company’s Christmas needs. Don’t run out of products this Christmas season.

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