Get Your Kicks on Route 66


The Hackberry General Store is a museum and visitor’s center along Historic Route 66. This little gem was built in 1934 in the former mining town of Hackberry, Arizona. While visiting the Hackberry General Store you can see vintage gas pumps, a 1957 Red Corvette, a Model T flatbed truck, as well as, iconic brands and signs such as Coca-Cola, Phillips 66, Conoco, Shell, the Mobilgas Pegasus leaping from the roof and much, much more!


This is the stuff dreams are made of! At least for Open Road Brands anyways! We thrive on roadside nostalgia and finding places like the Hackberry General Store. This is what inspires us to make product that really resonates with our rich Americana past. We absolutely love all the fun brands and products from back in the day!

The Hackberry General Store is a great example of our American heritage and roadside nostalgia that can be seen along Historic Route 66. You can visit this living piece of history throughout the year or you can join in on the festivities of the “Annual Route 66 Fun Run” that takes place each May.

Every year the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona hosts the “Annual Route 66 Fun Run”. The event takes place the first weekend in May and lasts from Friday through Sunday. The three-day event began back in 1988 and has attracted people from all over the U.S.

The Fun Run begins on Route 66 in Seligman and takes you to several spots along the way. Traveling west on Route 66 you’ll drive through Grand Canyon Caverns area, Peach Springs, Truxton, Valentine, Hackberry and Valle Vista before reaching Kingman.


Once you arrive in Kingman, the town hosts a “Show-N-Shine” that gives everyone an opportunity to check out all the vehicles you’ve been cousin’ with. Accompanied by music, street dance and a cruise night! This is definitely something you won’t want to miss!

The following day the route continues on to Cool Springs Station, Oatman and into Topock-Golden Shores where the Awards Ceremony and Farewell Reception takes place. For more information and registration for the 2014 Fun Run click here.

This historic Hackberry General Store is definitely a must see! As you browse around the store, both inside and out, you can only imagine a time when it was once a thriving little store and community.

Not only did the town of Hackberry have the Hackberry General Store (originally called the Northside Grocery) but they also had a Conoco Gas Station, a schoolhouse and a post office. However, once the mining town of Hackberry stopped mining, the town quickly became a ghost town. This forced the Conoco Gas Station and the Northside Grocery to close in 1978.


Luckily the treasures from Hackberry General Store are not lost or forgotten! Thanks to Bob Waldmire who reopened the Hackberry General Store in 1992 and John and Kerry Pritchard who took over ownership in 1998, we can all admire this great piece of our American history.

May the Hackberry General Store stay open for years and years to come!
What a treasure and inspiration, in more ways than one!